Jumpstart. Transform. Fresh.

In an age where our food is mass produced and filled with chemicals to grow the biggest and least flavorful fruits and veggies and boxed convenient foods are on every grocery store shelf, it's no wonder we are perplexed on what nourish ourselves with! Nutrient deficient food is lurking everywhere....

Supermarkets today are designed to confuse and abuse you.  

The first step in creating a life + body you love is letting go. Get rid of all the junk & gunk keeping you from getting the body and mind you deserve. The second step in becoming the healthiest YOU is knowing what to put in your fridge and pantry. This is a crucial component of living a truly nourished life.

Join me for a kitchen re-do and get on a clean slate!

During your Fit Kitchen session (3 hours), we will not only give your pantry a make-over we will also go on a Super Market Savvy Shopping Tour, where we visit the local health food store or super market and shop together.  You will learn how to read labels, select easy and healthy ingredients and I will share with you my recommendation & shortcuts….everything you ever wanted to have a Fit and Healthy Kitchen! All the guidance and help you need to completely revitalize your kitchen for only $299.

How It Works:

  • We start with a 50-minute initial consultation and assessment over the phone before our session.
  • We give your pantry a make-over by getting rid of any junk and gunk that is keeping you from the body and mind you deserve.  Together we will create a fresh start!
  • I customize 2 or 3 recipes for you and we go shopping!  
  • I will give you an in-depth tour of a local health food store with my recommendations + shortcuts.
  • We organize and stock your pantry with your new goodies.
  • You end up with your own recipes with additional tools, and cooking charts.
  • We end with a 20-minute follow up call scheduled after our session together.
  • Plus, you will get access to my Recipe Box that’s packed with easy + delicious recipes.