The Celebrating Table

The Celebrating Table.

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The table is a meeting place, a gathering ground, the source of sustenance and nourishment, festivity, safety, and satisfaction.

Growing up, my family ate every breakfast and dinner together. As a kid I really didn’t give it much thought that we did this ritual day in and day out. Most of the time it was just annoying because I would have to cut short playing with friends or talking on the phone. 

But now, I am so grateful to my mother for instilling this value and providing me this gift.

Whether we’re single, married, with or without children, we all have to eat dinner. I believe the evening meal should be the highlight of the day. If the day has been peaceful, pleasurable and profitable, it’s time to celebrate. If the day has been discouraging and difficult it is time for comfort and consolation---blessings by themselves and reason to celebrate. 

I love food and I think about food all day.

Seriously. I could have just finished the last bite of my morning oatmeal and I am on to thinking about what I am going to prepare for lunch. I know most normal human beings are not like me. For most people thinking about planning the evening meal starts at four o’ clock and the planning, shopping and cooking within the space of an hour is self -abuse, pure and simple.

That is why I created my services. To support people in planning their meals and weekly grocery shopping. At the end of a long day you want to know how to prepare simple but savory, no-fuss suppers for your family.

There is a trick to stocking your pantry with healthy staples, having a few key recipes on hand to prepare when schedules clash, and learning how to avoid the Mother Hubbard’s empty cupboard syndrome with style.

It can be simple and easy with just a few key tools. I promise! 

“We all need time to defuse, to contemplate. Just like when we sleep our brains relax and give us dreams. At some point in the day we need to disconnect, reconnect and look around us. Laurie Colwin reminds us that "We must turn off the television and the telephone, hunker down in front of our hearths, and leave our briefcases at the office, if only for one night."

My suggestions is to march into the kitchen having armed yourself with some key tools and find some easy, heartwarming things to make from scratch and even if it is only once a week.

We need to gather at the table. Alone or with friends or with lots of friends or with one friend and eat a meal together.

Without food we will die, and without connection and fellowship life is not worth living.

Thanksgiving is the perfect holiday to practice the celebrating table. I promise to arm you with a few tools over the next few weeks to make this holiday stress free so you can gather around the table with grateful hearts and hungry tummies.

Enjoy reconnecting with family and friends. It is one of the most important things in life. Pure and simple. 

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