Twerking to Simplify Your Life

With just a little Twerking you can simplify your life.

Alright, alright. Did I say Twerking?  I really meant to say


With just a few little tweaks you can simplify your life! But Hell, if you like to dance like me, maybe a little twerking would give you the motivation to tweak a few things along the way as well!

Sometimes when your work life is very hectic you need your personal life to be extra calm to help create balance.  Here are a few easy tips that can have big results. 

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10 Ways to simplify your life


Reclaim your mailbox

Stop receiving the catalogs and junk mail that clog your mailbox and inbox. Take a bit of time to unsubscribe from mailing lists. I know this can take some serious time. I just went through my inbox and unsubscribed

to at least 20 different sites that were sending me junk mail and promotions. Needless stuff and even more stuff! These past few days it has been such a relief to open my inbox and just see the information I want to be there. I don’t have to sift through a bunch of gunk and waist precious time and energy.


Purge your files and de clutter

Recycle any papers that you no longer need. For peace of mind, put your important documents in a fireproof box or a safety deposit box. I went to Staples and bought the smallest and least expensive box. I think I spent around $50 bucks. I put in my passport, birth certificates, photos and other important documents I absolutely want to protect. Once a week, take a grocery bag and pick up everything around your house you no longer need and give it to charity.  Keep it simple.


Write down the three to five things in the world that are most important to you

Read them at least once every day. Knowing what you value most in life will enable you to clarify your goals and know which action steps you need to take to move forward congruently.  I know it sounds cheesy and maybe you aren’t the crafty type…..neither am I really…but you could always make a Vision Board to keep you present and clear with your goals and dreams. I did and I love it. The clearer your goals are, the simpler it will be to move them forward.


Chunk your time

Designate specific times and days to get tasks done. For example, do all of your grocery shopping on Saturday mornings, your administrative tasks (like paying bills or getting organized) on Friday mornings, try to get house work done on Monday mornings or evenings.


Just Say No

Value your time. Every where I turn I talk to people that are trying to live like they have 29 hours in a 24 hour day.  And I am one of the guilty ones! I continually try to do “just one more thing” before I run out the door. If I could only get one more thing checked off the list!!  I am also a helper. I want to help with lots of different community events or projects. I love to be involved and support those people around me doing awesome things! But in order for me to be my best I have to respect my goals and commitments and say yes to the opportunities that are in line with these things.  I have had to learn to say no. And then it is even more powerful when I say yes.


Clean out your car

Wowzer. This is so hard for me!  I live out of my car. At any given moment I have three water bottles, a bag of nuts, baby toys, diaper bag, a random pair of Theo’s socks and a onesie. The list goes on…….So I set a goal to keep my car clean for a week. That may not sound long to any of you, but this is an eternity for me.

What do you think your disposition would be like if your main mode of transportation was clean, relaxing, and welcoming?   For me, starting my day or running errands in a clutter free car was incredible! It made all the difference in my attitude and demeanor. I am so much more calm, positive, and relaxed.  Basically  a better person to be on the road with and to ride with.


Simplify your finances

Clean out that wallet! Keep only one main and one back up credit card. File those receipts you need to hold on to and chuck the rest. Consider banking at one institution. For recurring charges on utilities, change to automatic deduction and opt for paperless statements. A clean wallet creates a calm mind.


Create an “I will do one thing today” list

Taking this little step really has changed my life. I put so much pressure on myself to get my entire list of things done. In one day! I also have my procrastination list. The list that keeps growing and nothing ever gets crossed off. All the things I deplore doing go on this list.  Just choose one task from your procrastination list each day and do it! This will free up mental worry and allow you to focus on your goals that matter the most.


Have a weekly “no noise” day

Turn off the TV, computer, and al other noise and listen to nature, your family, and friends Enjoy the noise that matters!!!


Do Without

It is okay to have an empty grocery cart! This has taken me years to learn. Growing up there was a time when we didn’t have a lot of money. I remember going to the store with food stamps and only being able to buy certain things. I was so embarrassed and worried. We cut coupons every week. When I moved out and started college, I would spend so much money on food!! I would inevitably throw half of it, being a single person and not getting around to using all of it. But it didn’t matter. I realized just having food in the fridge gave me a sense of security and abundance. Now, I understand the more I buy, the more money I need to earn and the more upkeep I have. So now I strive to eat clean, and live in a simple, easy to maintain environment.  I strive for a pure, simple, life.

What steps will you take to simplify your life?