Energy All Day Long

Energy all day long does not have to be a fantasy.

I still consider myself a new mom. Theo will be turning one next month and so I guess technically he isn’t a brand new human any more. But it still feels new to me.
Everything about being a mother has rocked me to the core and I feel like I am reinventing and trying on new skin daily. It has been incredibly challenging to find balance, make time for myself, and try to feed my family nourishing healthy foods.  And even after a year, I still feel tired most of the time (I have a sneaking suspicion this doesn’t ever really go away). But there have to be some things that we can do right?? Seriously, there have been days where literally all I consumed was coffee!!!  

However, when I finally cleaned up my diet and took the time (and don’t worry I get it when you tell me it feels like you don’t even have a spare minute) to connect and find some balance… was pure and simple. Energy all day long.

So for all of you out there (and not just the moms of this planet) looking for more energy throughout the day and I am talking ALL day (Not just for the hour after you have your morning and afternoon coffee before you crash again) then keep reading! These are things that you can change today.

I listed the things I was initially doing in my day that I thought would bring me energy (but really just sucked the life right out of me) and the easy Super Hero energy boost you can make to change your day.

Natural Ways to Boost Your Energy All Day Long

Morning energy boosters

Energy Chameleon: Drinking coffee.
Yes, in the short run this works. But you’re making a deal with the devil by using caffeine to wake you up. Your adrenals are forced to push out energy, leaving them depleted, and leaving you more tired day after day. Adrenals if you haven’t the slightest are a small organ that comes in pairs. There is one on top of each kidney. The adrenal gland is a hormone producing gland and health of this gland can and will dictate the health and recovery of many types of chronic illness. Though the topic can get confusing. The adrenal gland should make the necessary amount of hormones in a balance, without producing too much or too little.

Energy Super Hero: Drink water.
Fatigue goes hand in hand with dehydration. So start the day with a big glass. Not a little sip that gets your mouth wet. A big ol’ glass. Because unless you sleep walk to the sink and drink a glass of water, you are not having any H2O at night. Get your whole body hydrated first thing in the morning.  Then you can think about tea or juice or even a small coffee.

Energy Chameleon: Not eating breakfast.
Or possibly worse: eating cereal/muffins/bagels/sugar. 
Yes, it is true, not eating breakfast in the morning may save you a little time or maybe you just don’t feel hungry in the morning. Sound familiar? 

Energy Super Hero: Get your blood sugar balanced.
Since you haven’t eaten overnight, you wake up with low blood sugar. Even if you don’t feel hungry, eat a little something: Plain yogurt, nuts, hard boiled eggs, almond butter on banana, quinoa porridge with coconut oil. You’ll notice I’m emphasizing healthy proteins and fats, which will fuel you now and keep you fueled ’til lunch, rather than sending your blood sugar for a bagel-induced spike and crash.

Energy Chameleon: Having nothing to look forward to.

When I worked in online sales I tried to stay in bed until the very last second dreading my boring and mundane job. I had to sit at a desk and stare at a screen for 8 hours!  If you don’t want to get up and face your day, your body will do its best to stay asleep all day long. But you aren’t a victim! You notice this pattern? Good. That’s a first step towards change.

Energy Super Hero: Make some plans!
These days, I jump out of bed to do the work I love and to see my son. Think how easy it is to wake up on the first day of vacation, or Christmas morning. The key is to create fun, meaningful, interesting activities in your life to look forward to – even if it’s not a holiday. Give yourself a reason to feel “up” – A pedicure, a girls’ weekend, a hike in the mountains, a whole new career, whatever works!

Afternoon energy boosters

Energy Chameleon: Slowly turning into a zombie.
When was the last time you inhaled deeply? In front of the computer, it’s easy to breathe very shallow breaths, or stop breathing altogether for periods of time. This happens to me all the time, even while I’m on my iPhone. Eek!

Energy Super Hero: Expand those lungs.
Breathe. Now, please. Big and deep, so your ribcage visibly moves. Good! Do it again! You need oxygen to stay alive. Deep breathing is so important. It makes a huge difference in energy levels, stress levels and digestion (among other benefits, obviously, like staying alive!)

Energy Chameleon: Snacky snacky.
Mid-day snacks tend to be things like pretzels, cookies, candy, chips – all things that are going to cause a blood sugar train wreck.

Energy Super Hero: Keep your blood sugar balanced.
If you emphasize healthy proteins and fats at every meal, you are going to maintain a steady blood sugar level. If you’re getting hungry, reach for pumpkin seeds, hummus with veggies, or something else that will even out your energy instead of robbing it from you.

Energy Chameleon: Sluggish digestion.
Haven’t had a bowel movement yet today?

Energy Super Hero: Help your digestive system work better.
You want to poop at least once a day, but preferably 2 or 3 times. If that’s not happening, you may need to drink more water, eat more fiber-rich veggies, whole grains or healthy fats. Or, you may need more movement in your life. This may take some experimenting, but pay attention and make adjustments right away if you haven’t gone to the bathroom in 24 hours.  My clients that have worked with me to clean up diet and increase movement have noticed a huge difference in their digestion. Coincidence? I think not.

Evening energy boosters

Energy Chameleon: Too much sitting.
Most of us sit all day long. Come home and sit on the couch? That’s not helping at all. Lately, (ok my whole life) I’ve have been obsessed with not sitting. (I am however sitting right now. Bah!)

Energy Super Hero: Get up and move.
Help counteract the chair by getting up and moving about. Cooking at the stove and washing dishes counts! Go for a walk or work on some household projects. Move it move it!

Energy Chameleon: Poor sleep.

Do you have thoughts running around in your head, keeping you from sleep? Oh, I’ve been there. How about waking up 3, 4, 5 times a night? Seriously, no fun.

Energy Super Hero: Prepare your body for snoozin’.
Keep electronics out of the bedroom and give yourself a “wind down” period before bed. Use an eye mask or white noise machine (Ha! I use both.) And Rescue Sleep Liquid Melts by Bach Remedies are a godsend! By the way, the more movement you get and the less caffeine/sugar you ingest, the easier sleep will be. It’s a fact!
So, have you been zapping or boosting your energy today?