Birth. Celebration. Blessed Event.

Birth. Celebration. Blessed Event.

Birth. My beautiful son danced into this world in the wee morning hours. Theodore Winfield Harvey. He was tiny and long and his toes were distinct and spoke of all the adventures his feet were going to carry him on. He smelled of sweet cream and he was quiet but his itty bity self was already so vibrant.

My baby boy has changed my world and broke open my heart. I am wide open. It is the kind of love deep in your being that makes your head spin. I want to cry and laugh all at the same time. I am so excited about getting to know this little boy. I can’t wait to introduce him to homemade popsicles and swing sets, swimming and dancing. I can’t wait to read When the Sky is like lace to him. I am ready, and I am not at all ready. But more than anything, I just feel lucky to get to have this experience. I want to create a pure and simple life for my son. It has not been the easiest year, but it has been the best.

Around this time last year I graduated from the Institute for Integrative Nutrition as a certified Holistic Health Coach. This was another huge milestone in my life. I have a dream to be an agent for change and transformation. I want to be a guide, and a co-journeyer. Supporting people to live a pure, simple life.  Encouraging and sharing ways to have a healthy, clean, and balanced life while finding magic and beauty at every step. You see, I believe the answers we’re looking for are all within ourselves; we just need to become better connected, more present—to what we eat, to nature, to our surroundings, and to our inner guide.

Now, today, I hold my little boy in my arms, and the baby of an idea and way of life in my heart. I feel full and proud and happy and scared and so incredibly overjoyed. When I gave birth to Theo I was shaken to my core. It was the most physically and emotionally intense experience of my entire life. After giving birth I knew that if I could successfully and beautifully accomplish that feat, then I could do anything. And I decided to leap into the unknown. 

I am dancing in this ripple effect, moving with the ebb and flow and love that come with growing this business and dream while raising a beautiful child. I am striving to be fully present with his amazingness and be present with myself. Learning to practice loving self-care and seeking balance in the tiny moments of alone time.

I am here in a place I wouldn’t have had the courage to imagine a few years ago. I am so incredibly thankful for each of you reading, for joining in, for celebrating and helping me to rise up. I hope you will continue to share with me, and to let me share with you on this journey. 

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