Cooking with Essential Oils

Cooking with Essential Oils

That's right! Essential oils can go beyond the diffuser and spa. Some oils can be helpful in the kitchen when you learn to incorporate them.
You can buy oils online, and some pharmacies stock food-grade oils. But, of course, not ll essential oils are created equally. Oils used for aromatherapy or bodywork may not be healthy to consume. 

In order to determine what oils are really edible, check out the list posted on the FDA here

Essential oils have a ton of flavor. A few drops of an oil is equal to about a teaspoon of a comparable extract. They're also never really called for in recipes, so it's important to know when to use them.
Generally, you add them towards the end of the cooking process to preserve the flavor. Also please keep in mind that some oils are stronger than others, such as cinnamon, clove, cumin, oregano, and thyme. 
It's often recommended to use a toothpick instead of a dropper so that a smaller amount is used. 

Now it's time to dive in and give this whole cooking with Essential Oils thing a try!! Put a few drops of orange for some orange-laced waffle batter, or add a few drops of basil or rosemary oil infused in olive oil for a great dip for French bread! (Taste of Home)


It doesn't take much essential oil to flavor a dish. Remember you only need a drop or two at most! Here are some great essential oils to use:

Lavender: Try in dessert recipes like scones or savory dishes like fish! A few drops to a dish will add a bit of a unique floral flavor. Lavender essential oil properties are linked with relaxing, calming, anti-anxiety effects.

Peppermint: Add to honey to turn a cup of tea into a stimulating, energizing jump start. Its also great in candies and chocolate for your own mint treats. Peppermint essential oil is linked to energizing stimulation, relief of aches and pains, and athletic performance.

Citrus: All citrus oils are great for cooking! Use in drinks, smoothies, and treats. Also add to stir-fries and casseroles. Citrus essential oils are linked to antimicrobial properties and may contribute to weight loss efforts.

Bergamot: This oil is a stand-out anxiety reliever.It's flavor is mildly citrus-like, and taste great in stones and other treats.

Cinnamon: This oil is strong in both flavor and effects. It's important to dilute it properly to protect sensitive membranes. It works great in replacing powdered cinnamon bark, and can boost recipes like cinnamon French toast and cinnamon rolls. Cinnamon essential oil is associated with antimicrobial and antioxidant effects. (Natural Living Family with Dr. Z & Mama Z).

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