Tiramisu Stuffed Dates


I love this little dessert because they are healthy, or at least healthy-ish. And isn't that just the balance you want to strike? These tasty treats hopefully bring some balance into the new year despite all our best intentions to become “perfect” people.

Just pit a few dates, cobble together some odds and ends, and you've got something nourishing, simple enough that you don't even need a kitchen, and as cute as a button. Stuffed dates are phenomenally portable for packed lunches, potluck offerings, and airplane snacks. On the other hand, date energy balls, while also portable and healthy, require a food processor, and often end up looking like utilitarian blobs, which are tasty and get the job done, but aren't so easy on the eyes.

Stuffed dates also make it easy to accommodate multiple dietary restrictions at one time. Need a dessert that's low glycemic index and grain free? Try the tiramisu stuffed date!


  • Turkish coffee

  • Cocoa powder or raw cacao poweder

  • raw honey

  • mascarpone cream


Roll the dates in equal parts finely ground coffee and cocoa powder. If the dates are dry and not sticky, brush them with a little water, let them sit for a few minutes, and dry off any excess water before rolling.

  1. Stuff each date with honey-sweetened mascarpone

  2. Dust with a little more cocoa powder