6 New Years Resolutions That You Can Actually Stick To!


It’s really tempting to make all kinds of ambitious New Year’s resolutions to never be in the state that you are in after a few weeks of holiday insanity whirlwind! I totally get it because I was there too! 

We all resolve to eat healthier, lose weight, exercise more… we might get all gung-ho with a new workout regime or diet for a few weeks, even a month, confident that THIS year, we’ll be able to stick with it. But then February rolls around, and we’re back to take-out pad thai and maybe some yoga once a week.  The truth is, biting off more than we can chew with our resolutions is a guarantee for failure. We can’t accomplish all our goals at once. So rather than taking on massive, life-altering changes, there are a bunch of small, but super high impact changes we can make to our diets and lifestyles that are easier to stick with and yield long-term, lasting results. Try one or two of these resolutions, or all of them! Either way, you’ll be taking invaluable steps toward a healthier you.

6 Resolutions You Can Stick To!

1. Switch from white grains to whole grains. This includes pasta, rice, flour, bread and cereals. Stock your pantry with whole grain or quinoa pasta, whole grain bread (I love French Meadow Sprouted Spelt Bread), brown rice, whole wheat or spelt flour, and cereals made of oats, amaranth, brown rice, or buckwheat. You’ll be doing double duty of eliminating simple carbs (way better for the waist line) and benefiting your cholesterol levels and heart health.

2. Ditch the sugar. There are so many healthy sugar alternatives readily available now that there really aren’t any more excuses to keep sugar in your diet.
Try stevia, agave, or brown rice syrup, all of which are super low on the glycemic index (better for weight control and regulating blood sugar), have very low or NO calories, and can be used in every situation where you’re used to using sugar.

3. Go organic. Not only will you be significantly decreasing the levels of pesticides and carcinogenic chemicals in your diet, but you will also be doing the planet a HUGE solid.  Plus, most organic products are made by more health-conscious companies, so by maintaining a diet of mostly organic foods, you will, in effect, be eliminating harmful processed foods from your diet.

4. Decrease meat and dairy. I know going veg is like the seventh circle of hell for a lot of people, and that’s ok. But by making a point to eat meat and dairy only as a special treat to be enjoyed a few times a week (NOT every day) you will lose weight, eliminate bloating, gas, and other digestive issues, decrease cravings, and leave a markedly smaller carbon footprint on the planet.  If you drink milk regularly, find an alternative that works for you, like almond, cashew, hemp, or coconut milk. If your meals just aren’t complete without a meat product, switch to a meatless alternative, like veggie sausage, tempeh, or Quorn (in my opinion, one of the healthiest and best tasting meat substitute), all of which have products you can use to make your favorite dishes.  BUT, the most important benefit of decreasing consumption of meat and dairy is that it will force you to eat more fruits and vegetables!!!!  Which brings me to the next resolution…

5.  Eat more fruit and vegetables!  This is probably the most important resolution you can make for your overall health and well-being (not to mention your weight!).  Eating more fresh fruits and vegetables every single day crowds out less healthy foods like meat, dairy, sweets and processed foods.  If you make sure to eat fruits and vegetables in the full spectrum of colors (dark green, bright red, orange, yellow, and blue) throughout the day, at every meal, you will be getting all of the vitamins and minerals you need to be at your healthiest, AND you will fill up on high fiber, low-calorie foods, which will make you lose weight (or maintain your ideal weight)!

6.  Find a physical activity you enjoy.. and do it! (often).  Working out more regularly is the most common New Year’s resolution that people make, and the one we have the most trouble sticking with.  Why?  Because it is difficult (for some people, like myself, even impossible) to regularly do something that we don’t actually enjoy.  If we take the time to find a physical activity that’s FUN for us, working out becomes something we actually look forward to!  Which is by far the best way to incorporate physical activity into our daily lives.  For me, it trail running or Pilates.  I LOVE getting outside in nature. Breathing fresh air and the challenge it presents as I run up hills and other obstacles on the trail. It keeps me on my toes!  I also really got jazzed about Pilates and TRX and got really excited about doing it every day (or every other day).  Once working out every day became a habit, it was a lot easier (and more fun) to mix it up and add cardio, strength training, etc.  So experiment!  Swimming, running, ballet, pilates, any sport… There is something out there for everyone. 
All you have to do it find it.


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Please post and share how you’re doing with your resolutions!

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