Getting Out Of Your Own Way

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Do you have a talent for self-sabotage?

Perhaps you, like everyone else on the planet, have a few counterproductive habits—like staying up too late, playing computer games instead of paying your bills on time. Watching tv in the evening instead of going to the gym or even just going to the basement and jumping on your own treadmill for 30 minutes. If you ever find yourself asking, Why, why, why do I do this to myself?  Then you're sabotaging yourself all right.
So today I want to talk about your mindset and how it relates to eating a ridiculously delicious and healthy diet -- because the two are absolutely connected. 

Whether you're new to this healthy eating thing and still trying to figure out how to eat more greens with every meal. Or you teeter between kale and chocolate cake on the daily, or you've been doing this for a long time and you know exactly what works for your body. 

We have all self-sabotaged.

Here are a few ways we get in our own way...

✓ The last time you walked straight past the big bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter and reached for the crackers or crunchy chips in your cupboard.

✓ When you fill up your weekends with so many activities that you have no time to plan and batch for the next week ahead. 

✓ When you don't have time to make a green smoothie in the morning because you hit snooze too many times. 

✓ When you tell yourself you don't have 30 minutes to make dinner and then order take out and or go through the drive-thru and then spend an hour in front of the tv. 

You are not alone.

We all sabotage from time to time. I did it just last week over Christmas when I ate the creamy scalloped potatoes and the cheesy chicken queso dip, followed by the homemade toffee.

All of this happened before I conceded to the fact that I have committed to eating a whole, mostly plant based diet. There was nothing whole or plant about that delicious toffee.  #classicsabotage 

The key 🗝  to sticking to your goals and setting realistic ones to begin with, has everything to do with your mindset.


Instead of telling yourself why you can’t, tell yourself why you want to. 

This is the simple act of dropping your excuses and making it work. If eating healthy is really important to you, there’s always a way to make it happen consistently.

You might have to juggle some things around. You might have to wake up earlier. You might have to go to a few different grocery stores. You might even have to tell other people no.

All of this stuff becomes much easier once you stop it with the excuses and just do it.

The second you catch yourself thinking about why you can’t eat healthier or you can't follow a 14 day REVIVIFY Reboot , let that act as a red flag and remind yourself that people make this work all the time and then go over the reasons why it’s important to YOU to create healthier habits and make better food choices. And then notice how things start to fall into place as you work that stuff out. 

A busy mom of two and a business owner recently went through my 14 day whole body reboot with flying colors!  If she can do it, trust me, anyone can do it.


Get out of your negative head space by moving. 

Negative self talk and playing that old record over and over is the precursor to eating like shit.

The longer that you’re in a funk, the less you’ll care about eating healthy and nourishing your beautiful bod. Feeling uplifted and happy gives you automatic motivation to feed yourself well. And the quickest way to feel immediately uplifted and happy (even if you’re not) is to move. My favorite way to do that is to DANCE! It doesn't really matter what you do, when you do it or how. Just make it happen! 

The next time you get in a funk and are feeling sorry for yourself, feeling impatient, sad, or pissed off, take a breath and then try shaking your booty until you feel better!! 

You’ll may look like an goofball, you might be embarrassed, and could feel totally awkward.
Do it anyway.
Do it in your pajamas, do it in your underwear, do it in your living room or dance it out in your shower. Dance to music or dance in silence. It doesn’t matter. Just dance.

Just move your body around until the cloud starts to lift, the heaviness wanes, and you feel something shift. This is your energy starting to flow and it will quickly clear out your funk and make room for sunshine.


Don’t make eating healthier (especially if you are following a certain protocol) a big deal and it won’t be.

Think about when toddlers fall down...the key is to not to freak out over it. Play it cool. That’s because the first thing toddlers do when they fall down is look up at the adult to get a sense of the situation. If you freak out, they will cry and freak out. But if you’re cool as breeze, they won’t think twice – they’ll get their tiny little body up and keep moving along like nothing happened.

It’s the same thing with your health goals. 

If you’re convinced that eating a particular way is difficult or following through with your health and wellness goals is hard and time consuming, or hard to stay on track, it will be.
Here’s why.

Our thoughts lead to our feelings. Our feelings lead to our actions. And our actions lead to our results.

If we think that eating healthier is hard and unrealistic, we’ll feel discouraged and unmotivated.

When we feel discouraged and unmotivated, our action will be to reach for convenience foods instead of taking the time to make nutrient dense plant based meals.

When we reach for convenience foods, the result is weight gain, less energy and poor health.

Alternatively, if we think that eating whole real food is easy and totally doable, we’ll feel motivated and excited.

When we feel motivated and excited, our action will be to eat nutrient dense foods, increase our movement, and identify the lifestyle habits that may be holding us back from our goals.
i.e. staying up late to watch your favorite netflix series instead of going to bed earlier so you have the energy to get up and meditate or exercise. 

When we eat nutrient dense real food meals, and we move our body in a way that makes us happy and thrive, the result will be weight loss, glowing skin, lots of energy, and vibrant health.

This demonstrates perfectly why your success with eating a healthier diet and shifting your lifestyle choices is entirely up to you and your mindset. It can go either way and the best part is, you get to choose.

It can be an uphill pain in the ass battle or it can be smooth sailing. 

Make it easy in your head and it will be.


Let me do the thinking and planning for you.

You can rewire your brain to get rid of shitty food cravings and replace them with craving healthy, whole foods with me as your guide 100% of the time! Check out my 14 Day Whole Body Reboot.  There will be laughter, tears, wins, breakdowns, breakthroughs and LOTS of joy. If you haven’t done it yet, now is your chance to reboot and set yourself up for healthy habits all year long!!

OR, if you are ready for a community of like minded women to support you on your journey as you say YES to having a deeper relationship with your body, then check out my program Eat. Play. Love. starting in January. 

Even if you follow these steps, you still might self-sabotage from time to time (ie, my the cinnoman roll I ate this morning instead of my green smoothie). This happens sometimes and when it does, don’t beat yourself up. Just keep following these steps and eventually healthier lifestyle habits and more nutrient dense food choices will be the exception and not the rule.

I hope you have a fabulous week! May it be filled with recognizing when you self-sabotage, and then gently correcting the course. Also, I hope there is dancing!  Lots of dancing. 

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If you have any helpful tips to keeping a positive mindset when it comes to eating healthier and following through with your health and wellness goals, share them with us in the comments below!