Eat. Play. Love. - Group Coaching

Eat. Play. Love. - Group Coaching

175.00 225.00

A Whole- Body Immersion Program

With my straight-talk, tough love, and humor have I’ve inspired women to ditch their diet demons, rock their bodies, and start caring about shit that actually matters (like snatching your dreams, spoiling yourself silly, and remembering how holy-powerful sex makes you feel).


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Our first session will meet on January 10th. We will meet the second and fourth Wednesday's of each month from 6:30-8:00 pm. During each session we discuss different nutrition & lifestyle practices that will transform your life and support you to live with nourishment, passion and play! 

The cost of enrollment for this transformative course is $225.00 per month for 6-months. A $100 deposit will be used to hold your space in this group and will be applied to your first month's payment. 

After your Black Friday discount is applied, your first month's payment will only be $75!! 

Monthly payments of $225.00 can be made on the 1st of every month OR you will receive $100 savings if you choose to pay for the entire course upfront.