Milk & Honey Wellness was born out of my desire for a pure, simple life. 


There is an ancient belief that a breastfeeding mother created the galaxy! While trying to feed her baby, the goddess missed his mouth; infinite sprays of radiant droplets spread across the deep night sky where they coagulated into the stars and planets. The Milky Way was born. Milk is the sustenance of pure life. Honey is the soul of a field of flowers. It is the “nectar of the gods”.  It is the glow of beauty on our skin, and the touch of healing in remedies around the world. Milk and Honey is sweetness and pure life.

If you are ready to have a life that feels more like drinking champagne, and less like counting calories, then get ready because I am dedicated to showing you how fun life can be when you finally stop waiting on the weight and start living more in your life! One delicious bite sized step at a time.  

No counting calories or deprivation. Simply a desire to live life full out. Pure and simple.
I believe that every human deserves to feel at ease in their own skin, feel energetic, healthy & alive! 

ME: in a Nutshell


I cook as much as I can, providing me with ammunition for my favorite social thing; a small dinner party. I crave connection, beauty, and nourishment on all levels. I collect vintage ceramics, crystal wine glasses and wooden spoons. I adore reading, taking a hot bath, and drinking a glass of red wine. I plan to travel more, and lead international retreats. I love going to the movies alone. Someday I would love to live in a house with a wrap around porch and a wooden porch swing. I like to watch steam rise off water at night, I love gazing at the full moon on a dark evening, and stargazing. I adore the smell and feel of earth under my fingernails, I love the smell of manure next fields of dew touched grass in the morning. Give me sun dried linen sheets and a patchwork quilt. I want my food on a pretty plate in explosions of color with exclamations of texture collisions. I want it healthy, divine, and crammed with life. I love a snack, a scarf, and a morning cuddle session from my little boy. My favorite articles of clothing are a pair of cowboy boots I bought years ago that fit like a glove, and a plaid vintage cocktail dress. 

I am on a quest to inspire loving self-care rituals & ignite recognition of our individual sacred beauty. 

I believe that every woman deserves to feel at ease in her own skin, feel energetic, and sexy. Life is all about taking care of a body you love, not about shrinking a body you hate.
— Anne Dorsey