A Fall Luxury retreat for women

October 21-23, 2016
Put yourself on the agenda!

When was the last time you carved out time for yourself?

No, I do not mean the time that you were alone in the car as you dropped off the kiddos or the down time when no one interrupted your 30 min lunch break. 

Have you ever taken the time to nourish yourself deeply?

What if you were the only person on your agenda.....for 3 whole days! 

I know that you have a million things to do. I know that it's hard to spend money on yourself. I know that you worry about how selfish it is to put your needs before everyone else.  I know your husband might not like it if you leave him trying to keep all the balls in the air.  I know Christmas is coming.

I ask you this: How can you keep doing everything without taking care of yourself first?  

Something has to give.  You are human after all. Barely keeping your head above water and scrambling to keep it all together can't work forever! And I promise, you will be a better mother, sister, wife, lover, employee, and friend when you take the time to nourish YOU. 

What if things could be different? 

Wouldn't it be great if you could learn new practical ways to nourish your body + soul on the daily? Even in the midst of the chaos that is your life??

What if you were able to learn how to maintain a sense of calm and centeredness?
Snapping at those you love best is just a symptom of overwhelm, it doesn't have to be your status quo. 

How could things shift with your partner if you spent some time re-establishing your foundation? A stronger more stable YOU makes way for stronger more stable relationships. In all areas of your life. 

A full tank feels way better than riding on empty (plus, ultimately it's more productive and effective). Floating on fumes doesn't allow you to enjoy the ride my dear!  

What if you could learn how to navigate your way off the back burner, re-ignite the fire of passion and creativity in your heart, body, and career? 

Imagine sitting by the fire, mug in hand, laughing with soul sisters, homemade marshmallows, having time to reflect, breathe....connect. 

Step away from the chaos of everyday life, give yourself time to nourish your mind + body + spirit. No one will be nagging you for a sandwich or asking where you put batman.  There will be no dishes, laundry or tasks to mastermind into your day.  

Breathe in the crisp Autumn air as the sun warms your face. Each inhale will be the sweet scent of pine. Your ears will tune-in to the soft twinkle of a stream on polished stones. Your feet will gently crunch fallen leaves on 1,400 acres of magical landscape. 

Delicious smells from the kitchen will drift over you as you snuggle up and sip cider or write in your journal. 

Meet Me and Lisa!
Your Retreat Facilitators

I am so thrilled to announce that I have partnered with Lisa Kuzman of Lisa Kuzman Coaching to bring your this amazing retreat.

Lisa is your Highly Credentialed Life + Soul Coach and I am a Holistic Nutrition and Lifestyle Coach + Farm to Table Chef. 

Lisa and I are both coaches and passionate about empowering women, eating delicious food, enjoying movement, and going on adventures for the body and soul. We are dedicated to supporting women cultivate a deep connection with self.

Intentions. Connection. Creativity. Yoga. Rituals. Crystal Bowls. Deep Conversation. Belly Laughs. Self Love. Journaling. Meditation. Hiking. Candlelight. Starlight. Sisterhood. Soul.

This retreat includes accommodations for two nights at a luxury mountain cabin, daily meals + snacks, expert yoga, crystal bowl sound bath + workshop, meditation, cranial sacral touch, art supplies & and special wellness care package. *No yoga, artistic, or meditation experience needed.

Tell Me More.....

  • We will guide you through 5 key life areas to explore what's working for you and what isn't.
  • We're going to burn limiting beliefs -- figuratively and literally, around the campfire. (With S'mores of course.)
  • We'll be talking about how to align our lives with our core desired feelings in mind. (Don't know what those are? Don't worry, you will.)
  • We will offer up wisdom, relate and learn from each other. 
  • We'll have the opportunity to get out of our heads and into our bodies with delicious yoga sessions, meditation, crystal bowl sound weaving, nourishing organic food, movement and adventure. 
  • We will put our hands and hearts to work creatively (probably not friendship bracelets or macrame sorry!)

Check Out Our Venue!

Here's What You Need To Know...

  • Space is limited to 10 participants.
  • We begin on Friday at 4 PM. 
  • The retreat ends at 4pm on Sunday however you can leave earlier if you need to catch a flight.
  • You have the option of double-or single-occupancy. Please specify in your registration if you would like to share a room with a friend.
  • The retreat will take place in a luxury cabin in the Uinta Mountains. Our venue is a two hours drive from Salt Lake City, Utah. You can either carpool, rent a car (directions will be provided) or utilize the transportation provided.
  • Transportation will be provided to and from the airport. We will have a 1 pm departure from the SLC airport on Friday and a 4 pm return from the cabin on Sunday ensuring that you arrive back to the SLC airport by 6 pm to catch an evening flight. 

You will leave this retreat feeling rejuvenated, centered & nourished.

Sure you could save some time and money and go to the spa for the afternoon but that won't give you the life changing experience you need to shift how you show up at home, work, with your partner & children....much less how you show up for yourself. 

You will leave this retreat rejuvenated and clear about how you can nourish yourself on the daily, keep from burning out and what next steps you want to take in your life.

Your luxury getaway will provide you the energetic clearing and space you need to listen to your body and soul. 

Put Yourself First. 
No One Else Will.  

Fall Wellness Retreat with Anne Dorsey and Lisa Kuzman, October 21-23. 

Includes: 2 nights of luxury accommodations, 3 meals and snacks each day, expert yoga, sound bowl meditation, Desire Map workbook, art supplies, and special luxury retreat care package. 

-$1499 Fall Luxury Retreat
Registration is now CLOSED. 

Due to venue and energetic commitments, registrations are non-refundable. Read full cancellation policy in our Products & Services Terms of Use.

Registration is now CLOSED~ Check back for our next adventure!