Me + You + Your Closest Friends

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Are you ready for a soul liberation? 

If you're ready to be liberated to live your truth, I welcome you to venture into heart-centered work with a good dose of self-love, nourishment and discovery with me....and a few of your friends.

Let's create together! 

Deep dive into the sensuous realm of desire as a gateway to how you show up and shine! 

My Core Desired Feelings: 

Playful. Electric. Bold. Nourished. Ease. 

Because that is how I want to feel all day every day! 

What is the Desire Map?

The Desire Map is not just a book.
It’s the flame that sparked a revolution of feeling good and living free.

How do you want to feel?
In your heart, your body, your career?
When you wake up in the morning,
when you speak your peace,
when you go after what you want?

Desire Map + summer + camp + yoga = magic.

Join Desire Map facilitator Anne Dorsey and Milk and Honey Wellness facilitators for a return to the wonder of summer camp and a return to yourself. 

Intentions. Connection. Art. Yoga. Rituals. Deep Conversation. Belly Laughs. Self Love. Desire Mapping. Journaling. Meditation. Hiking. Candlelight. Starlight. Sisterhood. Soul.

  • The Desire Map Workshop – Level 1 clarifies what you truly want in every area of your life, identifying your Core Desired Feelings. A GPS for your soul.
  • You’ll be guided through 5 life areas to explore what’s working for you and what isn’t.
  • We’re going to burn limiting beliefs – figuratively and literally, around the campfire. (With s’mores, of course.)
  • We’ll be talking about how to align our lives with our Core Desired Feelings in mind.
  • We will offer up wisdom, relate and learn from each other.
  • We’ll have opportunity to get out of our heads and into our bodies with delicious yoga sessions, including at least one refreshing restorative, as well as time for food, adventure, movement and meditation.
  • We will put our hands and hearts to work creatively (probably not friendship bracelets or Macrame sorry.)
  • You will leave this retreat feeling refreshed, alive, on fire, and ready to incorporate your soul-anchored declarations into everyday plans. Poetic to the practical!

Accommodations* for two nights are included, as well as three meals + snacks each day, expert yoga, Desire Map workbook, art supplies & a special camp “care package.” No yoga, artistic or Desire Map experience required!

*Full Disclosure: This is a “real” rustic camp adventure. Slumber party!

Desire more? Ya, you do! Here’s what you need to know…

  • Space is limited to 20 participants.
  • We begin after dinner on Friday, around 6 PM. Check in as early as 2 PM and join us for an afternoon yoga session or take a wander.
  • We will wrap up early afternoon on Sunday, so you have time to scoot home.
  • You have the option of double- or single-occupancy. Please specify below if you would like to share a room with a friend.
  • Additional logistic details will be sent as we get closer to our adventure!


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