Educate. Empower. Engage.

Low employee engagement is the biggest obstacle to behavior change, and unhealthy behaviors cost companies billions. It's time to break the cycle with employee wellness.  

Milk and Honey Wellness Corporate series inspires employees to take significant, preventative steps for their long-term health and wellness. The Wellness Series is accessible to a wide range of people and addresses the most common current health issues including:

  • Low Energy
  • Stress
  • Weight Loss
  • High blood pressure and cholesterol 
  • Poor Nutrition
  • Time management

Custom designed comprehensive corporate wellness programs have proven to be beneficial and cost effective to the employer as well as the employee in the long run. Studies have shown employee wellness programs help companies reduce their healthcare costs between $2.10 and $10.10 for each dollar invested! 

The success record of companies utilizing these programs indicates that an employee who is happy and healthy is more productive and motivated, stays away from work due to illness less often and remains employed with the company for a longer time. Investing in employee’s health is beneficial to the employee as well as to the company.

Series Seminars

The series seminars are designed to offer more comprehensive health and nutritional information in order to encourage lifestyle changes, and provide excellent training to help employees make the best choices to sustain their vitality and productivity for years to come. They provide a greater level of involvement for the participants, and an ongoing forum for discussion and education. Each seminar session is approximately 45- 60 minutes, and taught by yours truly.

  • 12-Week Weight Management Series

This series approaches weight management from a lifestyle perspective, and includes sessions    on basic nutrition, portion control, intuitive eating, and physical activity.

  • 8-Week Essential Nutrition Series

This series includes classes on basic nutrition, and includes sessions on the food-guide pyramid, essential nutrients, meal planning, supplements, and healthy choices while dining out.

  • 4-Week or 8-Week Bundled Lunch and Learn series

This package includes a variety of topics from the Lunch and Learn seminars presented as an ongoing series. Topics may be catered to individual interest.

Nutrition Materials

In support of your corporate wellness program, I offer several reproducible materials to be distributed at your place of business.

  • Wellness Newsletter Articles

Articles and columns on various nutrition and whole-body wellness related issues to be used in your company newsletters.

  • Educational Handout Series

This package includes a series of ten attractive handouts suitable for office posting or employee distribution. Topics may be catered to individual interest.

Please fill out my short Corporate Wellness Questonnaire today and I will get back to you promptly to discuss how I can assist you in improving the health and well being of your employees.